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The Year 9 options evening will take place on the 8th January 2015. The event will start at 6.30pm. Parents are invited to be seated for 6.15pm for a prompt start to the evening.
Latest Sports Results

Netball Results V Kingsgrove 

2nd December Away

Year 7A 7-0 won
Year 8A 8-0 Won
Year 9   4-1 Won
Year 10 1-14 Won

Headteachers Message
The Apostles had no hesitation in addressing the first Christians as “saints”, and yet we can lose sight of this, our greatest calling. The Church’s teaching, her discipline and all the Sacraments are given us so that you and I may become saints. Being comfortable or popular is not the goal of the Christian life – holiness is.
Our path to holiness is to be found amidst the apparently little things of every day. Pope Francis gives us some very practical examples: avoiding malicious gossip in a conversation is a definite step, he says, towards becoming a saint. Exhausted after a hard day’s work but being willing to sit with your children and listen patiently to them, this too is a step towards holiness. Making time for prayer each day even when we are tired: this is a sure step towards holiness. Being ready for Mass on Sunday, and at times making a good Confession, which Pope Francis says, “cleans us up,” are vital steps towards holiness. He adds that thinking of Our Lady and taking up the Rosary to pray, this is yet another step towards holiness. Meeting someone in need, making time and being willing to help, are real steps towards becoming the saint we are called to be. In other words, the call to holiness is not found up in the clouds or in our dreams. The call to become a saint is right in front of us every day. Bishop Mark

Take a step towards holiness this Advent…
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Wednesday Word

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

This week’s gospel begins looking forward to the birth of Jesus. We listen to how Mary accepted God’s plan for her. It was through Mary’s ‘yes’, that Christian’s believe that God’s plan to save humanity from sin was put into motion.


Luke 1:26-38


Candlelit Concert. A very special evening. Many thanks as the Friends raised £290 which will all go back into school equipment. Our recent purchases have been supporting the Year 7 Conway trip and buying a table tennis table for the PE department.

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