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Teachers are often asked why pupils should study Art in high school.  The common responses relate to creative thinking, broadening the mind and feeding the soul.  The Creative subjects are an excellent choice for a growing number of pupils.  Here are nine reasons why to study Art in High School:
  • The internet has created an explosion of opportunity for digital designers and multimedia artists.
  • Fine artists can reach a worldwide market at the click of a button
  • High school students can achieve recognition while studying
  • Those with a wide skill set have an advantage, in any career
  • Studying Art improves performance in other subjects
  • Good marks impress, no matter what
  • Art marks are not solely dependent on an exam
  • Coursework teaches you self-discipline
  • Art makes you happy
Brief outline including headings of units covered in Years 7 & 8
At KS3 in Art, pupils follow the National curriculum in Art & Design.  Our aim is to ensure that all pupils are given a broad art education that allows them to explore a wide variety of materials and techniques developing an active interest in the subject.  Some areas the pupils will explore will include; Mark making, Aboriginal Art, Landscapes and Pop Art.  Pupils are also introduced to the work of artists such as Kandinsky, Hundertwasser, Warhol and many more.  This is an exciting stage in the development of pupils and we hope they enjoy it.
Qualification being studied at Year 9-11 including exam board, unit names and assessment
GCSE Fine Art is offered to pupils in Year 9 and 10 at KS4, we follow the AQA (8201-8206) syllabus.  Fine Art allows pupils to work with a wide range of media, from painting and drawing to three dimensional work, photography and more mixed media based art.  Many of these skills have been covered in lower school but are developed fully at GCSE level.  This is a general course which allows pupils to develop their skills and work independently.
In Year 9 pupils will complete a range of mini projects designed to build upon their skills and strengths at GCSE.  Work will be folder based in order to build up a portfolio of evidence to meet the AQA criteria.
In Year 10 pupils will begin their first project based sketchbook and this will be around the theme of African Art.  Pupils will study a number of areas within this topic including Masks, Pattern, African animals and they will look at the work of Chidi Okoye and Twin Seven Seven.  These starting points will lead them to produce their first controlled exam piece.
The course consists of a Coursework element which is carried out throughout Years 9, 10 and at the very beginning of Year 11.  This is worth 60% of the marks, and is followed by a final examination in Year 11 of 10 hours (over 2 full days) worth 40% of the total marks.  This is preceded by a preparation period, during which pupils study the question paper, decide what they are going to do and make the necessary preparations.  The questions are externally set by the exam board – AQA.


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