St Thomas More Catholic High School

Business BTEC

Choosing to study for a Business qualification is a great decision to make for lots of reasons.  This qualification will prepare you for virtually any career by equipping you with financial skills, organisational ability, marketing knowledge and the ability to present your ideas clearly.  The principles of business underpin every shop, office and organisation in the UK economy, meaning that you will have skills and knowledge that will be valued by employers in every sector.  In addition, a Business qualification can help you to progress to the next level of study.


BTEC First Award in Business for older Year Groups
GCSE Business Studies from 2017-18 - Year 9


Examination Board
Edexcel - BTEC


BTEC Units Studied
  • Unit 1 - Enterprise in the Business World
  • Unit 2 - Finance
  • Unit 3 - Promoting a Brand
  • Unit 8 - Recruitment, Selection and Employment


GCSE Units Studied

  • Unit 1 - Business Activity
  • Unit 2 - Influences on Business
  • Unit 3 - Business Operations
  • Unit 4 - Finance
  • Unit 5 - Marketing
  • Unit 6 - Human Resources


BTEC Units 1, 3 and 8 are assessed via teacher set assignments. Unit 2 is assessed by an onscreen test.
GCSE - Traditional GCSE Exam


Revision Tips:       
Tip 1:  Organise your revision notes into one topic per page formats.
Tip 2:   Track your revision with at-a-glance check boxes.
Tip 3:   Practice for assessment with exam style questions and answers.
Revision Resources            
Mr McKeown - For BTEC revision booklets produced by Edexcel. One booklet is the revision workbook and one is a revision guide.
Mr Hallam - For GCSE
You can contact Mr Hallam by e-mail here.