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History helps to explain why the world is the way it is today. We look at the cultural, social & political changes over the last 1000 years of history to put the modern world into a context. We also practice important skills of source evaluation, review and analysis. We teach British Values, but also look at the darker parts of history that tell us something about Humanity. We will compare differing historical interpretations to show there is more than one view about what happened in the past. We prepare students for the future by better understanding the past.


Key Stage 3
All pupils will follow a chronologically ordered overview of British and World History, so they can identify and understand the major events, changes and developments involved.  Our belief is that there are certain aspects, events and people in History that all pupils must have an understanding of and we hope our curriculum provides this.
Our teaching is based around the six key concepts of History - chronology; cultural, ethnic and religious diversity; change and continuity, cause and consequence; significance and interpretation and we use three key processes as a way of delivering our curriculum - historical enquiry, using evidence and written and oral communication.
Topics covered are:  
Pupil progress is measured at Key Stage 3 through formal summative assessments throughout the year which assess all of the three key process. Pupils will record these results on target sheets which are stuck on the inside cover of their exercise book.  The teacher in consultation with the Curriculum Leader will use all of this data over the two year Key Stage to provide a teacher assessed Level using the same grades as GCSE.
All pupils will be provided with home learning tasks on the levelled assignments in addition to smaller research tasks which the teacher might set as appropriate.
Horrible Histories Club
Tuesday lunch times in D35

Key Stage 4

 NEW GCSE 2016 onwards: Edexcel 9-1 History ( 1 H10) 

1. Medicine in Britain and WWI - 1 hour 15 minutes exam  

2. Henry VIII & American West - 1 hour 45 minutes exam   

3. Weimar & Nazi Germany -  1 hour 20 minutes exam


Revision Tips
Attend all lessons – every single one is important
Follow the PATTERN for each different question
revise early & revise often! style of question
Pearson publish four revision guides endorsed by Edexcel for 9-1 History

The specification and actual exam papers can be downloaded from the Edexcel website

Online Revision


You can contact the Curriculum Leader, Mr Hallam, by e-mail here