St Thomas More Catholic High School

KS4 Results 2015-16

St Thomas More Catholic High School are celebrating outstanding GCSE results with 100% pass rate (A*-C) in Physics, Chemistry, Latin, Polish, Russian and Additional Maths.

The school takes pride in offering a rich and challenging curriculum for students, in 2016 39.1% of pupils achieved the English Baccalaureate (E_BACC).  The English Baccalaureate (E_BACC) is achieved when a pupil achieves a good GCSE grade in English, Mathematics, Science, a Language and a Humanities subject.

Other exceptional results are include 96% of pupils achieving A*-C grades in Biology and over 85% of pupils in English Literature, English Language, German, Computer Technology, Art & Design and Geography.

 Progress 8 score  +0.14

Attainment 8 score 54.5

Over 37% of pupils gained five or more A*-A grades across a range of subject areas.

 67% of pupils achieved a good pass in Maths and English

A* - C in English 84% of the whole year group

A* - C in Maths 71% of the whole year group

A* - C in History 76% of the whole year group

A* - C in Geography 85% of the whole year group

We are delighted with the GCSE results this year and congratulate our Year 11 pupils.  We are extremely proud of their achievement at every level and we wish them every success and happiness as they embark on their post 16 pathways. 
Everyone at St Thomas More Catholic High School strive to ensure that all pupils make outstanding progress and have an excellent foundation for their future. 

The whole school has worked with passion and determination to ensure that our cohort of Year 11 pupils have not only achieved academic success but have also enjoyed the richness of the spiritual, cultural and social experiences that thrives in our community.


Mrs Clare Hogg