St Thomas More Catholic High School


Our Love of Reading!

“Better literacy leads to improved self-esteem, motivation and behaviour. It allows pupils to learn independently. It is empowering“

“Better literacy raises pupils’ attainment in all subjects”

Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools : A shared responsibility (published April 2013)

The focus on literacy through both the change to Teaching Standards and through government initiatives to raise profile of, and accountability for, achievement and progress in literacy demonstrates the importance of literacy as a whole school issue. 

At St Thomas More Catholic High School we recognise that literacy skills are essential for young people to reach their potential in school and fulfilling opportunities throughout life.  Therefore, we have a rigorous whole-school literacy policy which is implemented systematically across the curriculum, with all teachers regarding themselves as teachers of literacy, regardless of their subject specialism.

All teachers must know the literacy barriers for pupils in their groups and adapt their teaching accordingly.

In the curriculum, every opportunity is explored to promote the highest standards of reading, writing and communication.  Consistency and creativity are the key principles which underpin every aspect of our practice.  In lessons, teachers and pupils use our literacy non-negotiables to ensure that building literacy skills is at the heart of what we do every day.