St Thomas More Catholic High School


"Governors are a committed group who provide both support and challenge. They share your ambitions for the academy and bring a range of appropriate skills to the role. They are aware of where in the academy pupils make the best progress and are increasingly holding individual subject leaders to account." 

Ofsted Report Jan 2016


St Thomas More Catholic High School is part of the South Cheshire Catholic Multi-Academy Trust which is a charitable company limited by guarantee.  The Trust has three layers of governance:

  • The Members, who are appointed by the Diocese of Shrewsbury;
  • The Trustees (or Directors), who operate at a strategic level with ultimate control over the direction of the Academy Trust, and
  • The Governors, who provide focussed governance for the Trust at a local level.


The Members
The Members of the South Cheshire Catholic Multi-Academy Trust determine the ethos and purpose of the Trust and the the way it will be governed.

The Trustees
The functions of the Trustees of the South Cheshire Catholic Multi-Academy Trust include:

  • Overseeing the achievement of the objectives of the company
  • Appointing some of the Governors
  • Signing off the Company's financial accounts and annual report
  • Power to amend Articles of the Company and, ultimately, to remove the Governors/Directors

Overall, trustees usually have much more limited practical involvement in the management of the company than the Governors.

The Governors
The Local Governing Body of St Thomas More Catholic High School has a strategic role in the school outlining its aims and objectives, setting targets and reviewing progress.  The day to day management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher.  The Governing Body acts as a critical friend to the Headteacher providing advice, support, and challenge where necessary.  The Governors work to maintain and strengthen the Catholic ethos of the school so that our pupils can develop spiritually as well as socially and academically.  The Governing Body’s key responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure the quality of education provision
  • Challenge and monitor the performance of the school
  • Manage the Academy Trust's finances and property
  • Manage the staff
  • Exercise reasonable skill and care in carrying out their duties
  • Ensure that the Academy Trust complies with charity and company law
  • Operate the Academy in accordance with the Funding Agreement that has been signed by the Secretary of State

The Local Governing Body has delegated the majority of the roles and responsibilities to the following four committees which meet on a termly basis and report back to the full Local Governing Body each term:

► Achievement and Progress Committee - Chair: Mrs Mary O’Toole
► Finance and Premises Committee - Chair: Mrs Ann Kowalska
► Salaries and Personnel Committee - Chair: Mrs Joan Evans
► Strategy Committee - Chair: Mrs Joan Evans

Other Committees meet on a needs-driven basis and these include Admissions, Performance Management and Discipline.  We also set up working parties as and when particular needs arise.  The terms of reference for the Governing Body and Committees are available on request from Miss Maria Wilson, Clerk to the Governors.

Individual governors are linked to departments in order to foster closer relationships with the staff and so that governors gain a greater awareness of how the curriculum is delivered.  The Special Education Needs governor meets regularly with the SENCo to ensure that we are a fully inclusive school.  Last year we introduced an initiative whereby a governor is in attendance at Consultation Evenings, this gives parents and carers the opportunity to raise any issues or concerns.

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