St Thomas More Catholic High School


Welcome to our EAL page


At STM we have pupils of many different countries and backgrounds. We believe in celebrating cultural diversity and we recognise that our pupils’ first language is important for their self-awareness and cognitive development, but we also believe that bilingualism is an asset to the development of language, learning and thinking skills.
EAL translates as English as an Additional Language. The EAL department exists to support pupils for whom English is not their first language.


Our aims and objectives:
  • To identify those pupils with EAL requirements
  • To ensure that appropriate support is provided for those students who have EAL requirements enabling access to a broad and balanced education in which they can participate fully with peers
  • To promote pupils’ self-esteem in order to promote academic potential and independent learning
  • To acknowledge the importance of the parents’ role in supporting their children’s education
  • To monitor those students who have EAL requirements through careful target setting and evaluation
  • To ensure that the school offers equality of opportunity for all of its pupils.