St Thomas More Catholic High School


At St Thomas More we believe that having an effective pupil voice is an integral part in the school's success and its contribution is invaluable.  Not only does it compliment the school’s mission statement, but also plays a fundamental role in creating and nurturing a community of learners.  We want pupils to become actively involved in the process of decision-making.  We feel it is important to have the views of our pupils listened to and for teachers to understand the school experience through the eyes of young people.

The opportunities that we have for Pupil Voice are continually being explored. We use Pupil Voice to inform our future planning.  This ensures that we use pupil feedback to move us forward in our lessons and whole school priorities. Pupil Voice gives our pupils an opportunity to participate, get their voices heard and have a say in the running of the School and their own leaning.
We believe that young people need to be equipped with the necessary skills of leadership, organisation and given positions of responsibility where they can be nurtured and developed.  In view of that, at St Thomas More we have the Head and Deputy Head boys and girls involved in the Pupil Voice, playing the roles of ‘Pupil Leaders’.
Mr O'Neil - Pupil Voice.