St Thomas More Catholic High School

Our school community believes in every person,
encouraging their love of learning,
their love of each other and their love of Christ.

Welcome to St Thomas More Catholic High School

 St Thomas More Catholic High School is one of the highest performing schools in Cheshire.  Our Progress 8 in 2023 was the highest progress data in Cheshire East and the second highest in Cheshire.  This means that our children make more progress than national expectations. “Teachers’ expectations of all pupils are high.” Ofsted 2020.

...Our mission, through our Catholic Social Teachings, is visible throughout our school. The Common Good is an aspiration for all to achieve through fulfilling a dignity of work and education, a care and empathy for others, and a sense of solidarity, through being part of a family and community.  Our Catholic Social Teachings are at the heart of every decision we make, every policy we bring into practice, every lesson, and at play.  Our 2020 Ofsted noted: “Pupils are kind to, and supportive of each other, in this welcoming school.”

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Mrs K Packham