Building the Kingdom

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The Building the Kingdom curriculum (BtK) is a response to the challenge of forming young people to be transformed themselves for the transformation of society.


At STM, since Sept 2018, we have been creating and developing a creative and innovative BtK curriculum for our pupils by:

· Engaging with big questions of purpose and meaning

· Applying the radical challenges of Catholic Social Teaching to learning

· Raising critical and higher order thinking skills across the curriculum

· Developing a wide range of creative strategies for moving learning into action

· Enabling our pupils to develop their advocacy skills for change for those in the greatest need in society




September 2018

Our 20 minute daily form time relaunched as Building the Kingdom, a time of seeking, clarifying, deepening and raising awareness of what it means to be truly human. To learn about God’s world and our stewardship of it with a ‘reality is sacred and the sacred is real’ approach to learning. Pupils follow the BtK curriculum and record key learning points, themes and reflections in their Mission Journals. 



‘Not only a question

But to question the questioning

Not only to intellectualise

But to ponder the intellectualising

Not only to learn

But to move to what lies both within and behind the learning.’ (Derek Webster)


Five BtK days were introduced throughout the whole school. During these days all curriculum areas focused on the Liturgical Calendar theme and the impact this had in their subject and learning.

1. World Youth day (23.11.18)

2. Peace day (21.1.19)

3. Women’s World Day of Prayer – Equality (1.3.19)

4. St Joseph the Worker – careers (1.5.19)

5. St Thomas More Feast – British Values (20.6.19)



September 2019

This year we have focused the 5 BtK days on the Catholic Social Teachings to encourage a deeper way of seeing, being, doing and knowing. The days are also an ideal opportunity and space for any cultural gaps in learning to be explored and developed allowing the pupils' disciplinary knowledge to take them beyond their own experiences.

1. Life and Dignity of the Human Person (27.9.19)

2. Care for God’s Creation (25.10.19)

3. Call to Family, Community and Participation (2.12.19)

4. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable (4.3.20)

5. Solidarity and the Common Good (25.6.20)

Curriculum Areas have participated in continued professional development and formation from outside speakers and have been enabled to develop a more holistic and comprehensive view of the curriculum demonstrating how the beliefs and values of the Catholic Church inform and unify every aspect of school life.



Building the Kingdom past themes


- Theme 1, International Day of Peace.

- Theme 2, Make your mark.

- Theme 3,  Black history month.

- Theme 4, Remembrance.

- Theme 5, Values.

- Themes 6, Election.

- Theme 7, Being radical.