Crewe Out Loud

Crewe Out Loud is a town event that STM organise because we want to shout out loud about the brilliant schools we have in Crewe. We want to show off the outstanding students who love, and are encouraged, to get involved and show off their talents and skills.  All primary and secondary schools in the town are invited to attend, bringing with them dance, drama, art, poetry and music - anything they have created in their school throughout the year. They bring it to Cheshire College South and West to a new audience and share with them the work they have created. There are 3 songs that are sung together as a whole choir to bring everyone visually together as one. Over the past few years numbers have increased to over 400 pupils from Crewe schools and it is a powerful event that highlights the strength of education and the arts.


- Crewe Out Loud programme 2017