Drama & performing arts

Drama and Performing at St Thomas More are valued as an important part of developing the whole person.  The focus of all lessons is to be creative and vibrant and allow pupils to enjoy and participate in a range of areas.  Pupils are challenged to improve their group work skills, as well as a focus on how skills are learnt.  These subjects challenge pupils to work creatively both individually and as a team. The focus of lessons is creative process, planning and evaluation.  Work is assessed based on the new 1-9 Grading.
All year groups - Mrs Sergent & Mr Hardacre


Year 7 & 8 - two lessons per fortnight
Year 9, 10 & 11 - four lessons per fortnight


KS3 Drama 

A wide range of topics are covered, in order to prepare pupils for the skills required at GCSE.  Lessons are practical based and cover a wide range of drama techniques.  Alongside this pupils will also complete written tasks designed to prepare them for the expectations of GCSE work.  Lessons are designed to be engaging and challenging for pupils, and to encourage their appreciation of arts.



Key Stage 4 Drama
We offer two courses for options at Key Stage 4 – GCSE Drama and the VCERT in Performing Arts.  We also offer the Bronze Arts award in Year 9 as an additional option for those studying the above two qualifications. 

Year 9 - Bronze Arts Award - Optional additional project


Year 10 GCSE Drama (AQA)

This GCSE is focussed on performance - working with text, devising creative performances, and delivering    exciting and powerful work to audience.  The course gives the learner opportunities to look at how theatre has been shaped by people, playwrights, politics and culture.  It is the option for those who really enjoy the acting side of their drama lessons.  It gives pupils the chance to   really develop these skills.  The course is driven by exciting and challenging performance projects that will give pupils the chance to perform at different venues, gaining confidence and helping them to become independent leaders and also great team players.



Year 10/11 VCERT Level 1/Level 2 Performing Skills

This qualification is designed for pupils who may be interested in the performance industry. The focus of the qualification is on the learner’s ability and desire to perform.

The main aims of the specification are to:
• Study of the performance skills industry - who runs it, who performs it and who watches it
• Offer breadth and depth of study, both in a practical and written approach
• Provide opportunities to acquire a number of practical and technical skills


Revision Tips

Planning: Planning is the key to a successful performance, make sure you have a schedule that allows you to plan your time as well as planning what you will rehearse.

 Rehearsal: Keep a logbook and write down what you have developed and worked on.  Set yourself targets for the next rehearsal.  See when the Drama Studio is available and schedule extra rehearsals if needed.

 Learning Lines:  Voice record your lines and listen to them; also read lines before bed. 

 For more ideas speak to your teacher.


Useful Websites
Pearson qualification for GCSE Drama

 AQA qualification for GCSE Drama





You can contact Mrs Sergent the Lead teacher for Drama here.
You can contact Mrs Lawrence the Curriculum leader for Performance here.