St Thomas More Catholic High School

Growing the Gift in Years 10 & 11

Careers support and guidance is important throughout all Years at STM, whether within curriculum time, when links are made with people and the job industry in Year 7, or when taking part in a trip to a university to explore what life and learning is like for a student at Higher Education in Year 8.  We aim to inspire all our pupils to be ambitious and know what it takes to get there.

Our I AM curriculum is an important vehicle in terms of making pupils think about their next steps and thinking beyond secondary school and the person the pupils want to be after STM.

Year 10 and Year 11 are crucial years though, when that step out of school on a chosen pathway becomes a reality, so at STM, we build a calendar of key events to support our pupils.


Year 10

Early May - Mock Interviews

All pupils will have a 20 minute interview with a local business leader.  Pupils will get the experience to plan for this interview and start to think about their skills and interests.  It also starts to make pupils realise that, the world of work and building a CV, is very real and just around the corner.


Week before May half-term - Work Experience

The Year 10 flagship Work Experience Week!  Pupils will be asked to self-place, so that they can make every effort in the area that they are interested in.  Pupils then spend the week at work, learning from the experience and having a chance to see how business works, inspiring them to think about the next step.


June - Secondary College

Soon after work experience, Year 10 pupils then start to think about what their next steps need to be to get them to where they want to go.  Pupils spend two days at Cheshire College - South & West.  They get to experience lessons and teaching at A-Level, BTEC or T-Level standards.  This is their next step, so we work with them to explore which courses are right for them to experience.


Year 11

Independent Careers Guidance Meetings

Year 10 gives everyone experiences, Year 11 is where the individual, focused work takes place.  All Year 11s will have a Careers Meeting.  This is an opportunity to share ideas, consider best options and start to apply to colleges and apprenticeships.  Staff will also be there, as specialists in subject areas, to guide pupils and challenge them to get pupils to where they want to go.

If you require any further information, please contact Mr W Hardcastle.