House System

There are five Houses who the pupils named after inspiring Catholics.

  • Bernadette
  • Kolbe
  • Ozanam
  • Romero
  • Teresa

The aims of the House System are to:

  • Create an atmosphere of loyalty and sense of belonging to each other
  • Create sense of community spirit
  • Encourage all pupils to participate in a wide range of inter-house activities and to encourage healthy rivalry
  • Stimulate academic and extra-curricular achievement as well as encouraging good attendance
  • Encourage pupils to develop leadership skills
  • Develop the prayer life of the pupils


Each pupil is assigned to a House; this corresponds to their tutor group. Each House has its own tie, colour and feast day celebrations and assemblies. The system provides a vertical structure (to complement the horizontal year groups); a focus on stronger friendships across year groups; internal competition and further opportunities for pupils to display qualities of teamwork and leadership. Pupils compete in activities including sports, dance, drama, music, public speaking etc.

Pupils will also be rewarded for their contribution to charity fund raising and as recognition of effort and achievement in their academic work. Any examples of “public spirit” – care for the environment, helpfulness to members of staff, assisting at extra-curricular functions etc. may also attract the reward of achievements.

Each half term the House will come together in prayer and thanksgiving during their assembly. On the House Feast day pupils can come into school in the colour of their House, jump the queue and celebrate the life of their House Saint.