St Thomas More Catholic High School

Lesson Monitor

Lesson Monitor is the school system which records and tracks the attitude to learning of each pupil for every lesson.  This is achieved by the awarding of a Lesson Monitor 'grade' by the teacher.


How is Lesson Monitor Data used?

The data in Lesson Monitor will help to identify patterns and actions for pupils and staff alike.  Each term this information is reviewed to see what can happen to help individual and groups of pupils.  The overall aim is to recognise where attitude to learning are at their best and challenge pupils when this attitude falls below the school standard.

LM Grade What this means What next

Outstanding attitude to learning:

  • Your attitude to work is excellent
  • You are highly considerate and supportive of others and actively engage in the lesson
  • Your work displays outstanding qualities
  • Your attitude helps to motivate and inspire other pupils
  • You consistently work to the best of your ability
  • Every '1' counts towards the Commendations* and awards for pupils
  • Your teachers will praise you in lesson and beyond

Good attitude to learning:

  • You have the correct equipment, follow instructions keenly and quickly
  • You respect other people's learning
  • Your take responsibility for your own attitude to learning and remain on task
  • You work to the best of your ability
  • Can you continue to work hard in lesson?
  • Speak to the member of staff about what needs to be done to achieve a '1' next lesson

Attitude to learning concern:

This could be because...

  • Work is not started in a timely manner
  • Work is not completed to the best of your ability
  • Feedback is not acted upon
  • You need to apply yourself fully in class lessons
  • You can expect more homework from your teacher to help you succeed
  • Teachers will monitor this and explain what is needed to help you

Inadequate preparation for lesson:

  • Your preparation for lesson is harming your chances to succeed
  • You have not brought your exercise/textbook to lesson
  • You have not brought the required class equipment e.g. cooking ingredients, calculator, journal, pen/pencil, ruler etc
  • You should access items from the school shop
  • Work will need to be added to your exercise book
  • Teachers will monitor this and explain what is needed to help you

Home learning:

  • Home learning has not been completed and submitted on time


  • Homework is not to the standard that you are capable of
  • This work will need to be completed and submitted to your teacher and a detention is likely

Disruptive attitude to learning:

  • Your attitude to learning is negative and is having an effect on learning in the classroom
  • You have ignored or defied a specific instruction
  • You have directly challenged a member of staff
  • Your attitude to learning required you to be moved
  • You have used unacceptable language
    • Your phone has disrupted learning and has been confiscated
  • Your class teacher will notify you of the sanction in place
  • A document will be saved on SIMs as a record
  • Personal Development Tutor and Personal Development Leader will monitor and explain whether a report is required

PE Kit not brought to lesson:

  • You have forgotten to bring the correct PE kit to lesson
  • You have lost the correct items for PE
  • You have brought kit that is not part of the school uniform for PE
  • The PE Department will apply appropriate sanctions to ensure that the PE kit is in place for next lesson

Uniform is not to the school standard:

  • Your uniform does not match the school uniform policy
  • You are wearing jewellery that is not permitted
  • You are wearing make-up or nail varnish that contravenes our policy
  • Your Personal Development Tutor will apply appropriate sanctions and support you
  • Your Personal Development Leader will be informed and consider what happens next
 * Commendations - whole school reward system