St Thomas More Catholic High School

Ofsted Report

St Thomas More Catholic High School celebrated their Ofsted report after their inspection on 4th & 5th March 2020.  The opening paragraphs summarise the ethos and vision of St Thomas More Catholic High School.

‘At St Thomas More Catholic High school, relationships between staff and pupils are strong.  Pupils are kind to, and supportive of, each other in this welcoming school. The pupils we spoke with praised the quality of education that the school provides.

Pupils cherish the school’s reputation in the community.  Many spoke of feeling privileged to belong to the school which they described as being like a family.  They were proud to wear the uniform. Pupils would recommend this school without hesitation.’   Ofsted 2020

Mrs Hogg, Headteacher during the 2020 inspection, said at the time: ‘I am delighted with the report from Ofsted.  We have a clear idea of where our school is strong and where we can make further improvements.  I am particularly pleased that our wonderful pupils were highlighted a clear strength of the school.  The school is ambitious for all having high expectations and consistency as we prepare pupils to be well rounded, responsible citizens in modern society.

I would like to thank the whole community of St Thomas More Catholic High School for their constant support and challenge.  It is evident that we have the potential to be outstanding in the very near future.’

Mrs Packham, the current Headteacher says: ‘Our Ofsted report of 2020 is a fantastic celebration of all that our staff have achieved for each of our pupils.  We continue from strength to strength with the 2023 examination results achieving the highest Progress 8 data in all of Cheshire East and the second highest for the county of Cheshire.  St Thomas More continues to provide excellent education for our children and helping them to become well rounded citizens with strong faith development.‘

Our most recent Catholic Schools Inspection took place in December 2023.  This report is seen below and the grading has shown our school to be OUTSTANDING.  The school community, governors, are all delighted with this report as it is a true reflection of the catholic mission, Religious Education and Prayer and Liturgy that is a beacon of our school.

The report states: “Students express clearly the role that they have in enhancing the mission of the school…. As a result, they flourish here and are enabled to grow in virtue and character. “ “Catholic social teaching shines through this community.”

Mrs Packham said: “We are so delighted that the team of inspectors came to see our school  and really saw us through our eyes. This school is a shining example of how Catholic social teachings can weave through all areas of curriculum and personal development. Our children have the very best outcomes and know that they are cared for by us, by the church and by God.”

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