St Thomas More Catholic High School

Achievement for All (SEND)

'Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.'  Benjamin Franklin.


Curriculum Intent

Achievement for All Curriculum Intent



What is Emmaus?

In The Gospel of Luke there is a story about two disciples who are walking the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus and are joined by Jesus, but they do not recognise him.  When they arrive at Emmaus, they invite the stranger to join them for a meal.  He does, and when Jesus "breaks the bread" and blesses the meal, the disciples' "eyes are opened" and they then recognise him.

In Emmaus, we believe that only when we truly share our lives with others, do we see people as they really are, to be able to see and value the unique gifts of each person, regardless of ability.


Emmaus at St Thomas More

Emmaus is designed to be a place where pupils can find support and companionship on their journey through their years at high school.  It is designed to provide the safe space and resources for targeted/vulnerable students to engage in the curriculum at STM. The provision is to enable different learners to work on key aspects that will allow them success in the class room and as importantly to help our pupils to become citizens of the school.  It should guide our pupils to understand independence and study skills so that they can become successful and confident.  It should provide opportunities for pupils to have sustained social interaction and participate fully in the school community and curriculum.  At its best the provision nurtures the whole child cementing a this sense of community with the school.  The provision allows key staff and pupils the opportunity to explore the unique talents each person has and discovery those that need developing.  As a team we aim to support the pupil as a whole in both academic and social development.  We support in many areas throughout the school, for example;

  • Lunch time support for pupils who may need the additional adult support/guidance when socialising with peers

  • Breakfast Club allowing our pupils to access a range of baked breakfast items

  • Meet and greets tailored to individuals or groups of pupils 

  • Emotional wellbeing and support (including cognitive behaviour therapy, DOVE counselling sessions, talk therapy)

  • Social skills groups and support

  • Handwriting practice and guidance

  • Homework club - open every night until 4.15pm

  • Exam revision support 


Please click on the following link for our SEND policy, Information Report and Local Offer:Key Policies and Statements


Should you require any further information, please contact Mrs D Topping, SENCo or the SEND Team by emailing: