St Thomas More Catholic High School

Rewards and Recognition

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire"

– St Catherine of Siena

St Thomas More pupils are wonderful young people.  They work hard in their lessons and are set challenging activities and targets in order to make their best progress over their journey through school.  Although this attitude and effort is the expected culture within the school, it is always nice to be recognised and rewarded for the effort given, both during academic times and in non curricular opportunities.  Our Catholic Social Teachings are a focus for our pupils' rewards.  Each teaching has a certificate that pupils are awarded when they show an action that reflects each of the teachings.

There are many ways that our pupils are recognised, but here are some of the initiatives that we use to recognise the wonderful attitude to our community by our pupils:

  • Annual Awards Evening for the whole school

  • Annual Performance Awards evening. (PE, Art, Drama and Music)
  • School Performance Colours
  • Alton Towers trip for excellence in lessons and attendance
  • Headteacher Rewards Breakfast
  • Maths Subject Stars

  • Praise Postcards – Recognising individuals gifts and extra effort and commitment
  • Phone calls, letters and emails home
  • Personal praise in lessons
  • FAR (Feedback, Action, Response) marking used to highlight exceptional work and also to challenge them further
  • 1’s given on Lesson Monitor which then goes towards Alton Towers Trip
  • House assemblies at the end of every half term. Most 1’s rewarded, 100% attendance rewarded. Certificates and prizes. Special recognition given to those who have made a significant contribution in the half term
  • Certificates put in English books
  • School social media praise
  • Termly award system with badge and certificate in English Department
  • Displaying work in classrooms
  • Form tutor praise postcards
  • Year 7 hot chocolate and breakfast rewards for excellence and improvement in lessons
  • Department trips
  • Badges to identify students with their club or position of responsibility
  • Film afternoon for 100% attendance
  • Pupils used as ambassadors to show guests around the school or speak with visitors