St Thomas More Catholic High School

School Priorities


1. Quality of Education

2. Behaviour and Attitude

3. Personal Development

4. Leadership and Management

Summary of Aims Measured by
To be a welcoming and prayerful Catholic school where everyone is known, can succeed and is valued.

To provide a stable and welcoming community where everyone can belong

To have highly efficient services that ensure both staff and pupils have the conditions to thrive, achieve, develop and be supported to achieve outstanding pupil outcomes

To be oversubscribed in each year group

Attendance to be above national figures

All pupils to achieve their targets

Progress 8 is positive

Pupil, staff and parent voice

Strong links with the local community

To build and invest in an ambitious curriculum which challenges, prepares and encourages all to be who God has called them to be.

We lay foundations for life-long learning

A broad, relevant and balanced curriculum is preserved and nurtured

Careers guidance ensures that choices at KS4 and post 16 are successful and fulfilling

Extra curriculum activity participation which promotes the physical, creative, spiritual and intellectual development of all

To create an extensive personal development programme allowing all the chance to nurture our God given talents and skills.

Appraisal and line management is motivating, challenging and rewarding

Ongoing leaders emerging at all levels at STM

The CPDF programme enables all to grow in their vocation

Capturing of extra-curricular opportunities and involvement of children

To lead and encourage a school which is forward thinking while maintaining the Catholic Social Teachings at our centre.

We draw upon and pass on to all the long and rich tradition of Christian learning and creativity

Out school is a place where a spirit of enquiry and intellectual life flourish

To maintain our high standards of discipline, work ethic and uniform

To embrace and embed the new Quality of Education framework

To be answerable, accountable and reflective to all our school community with a relentless focus on the quality of education ensuring that pupils and staff excel in all aspects of school life.

Strong and effective governance; attendance at meetings, challenge and actions

Performance data

Work scrutiny

School action plans and evaluations

SIP reports and external reviews