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Impartial Information Advice & Guidance (IIAG) i.e. Careers

Careers Lead: Mr W Hardcastle


Contact: 01270 568014

Careers Advisor  - Mrs C Snee


Contact: 01270 568014

The purpose of Impartial Information Advice & Guidance (IIAG) is to provide young people with the skills, knowledge and information to enable them to develop and make decisions about their future. To ensure economic well-being, KS4 options and post 16 pathways need to be carefully chosen and learners fully supported according to their individual needs and abilities. The right information, advice and guidance helps young people make the right learning and career choices and enables them to find answers to the questions and issues which can arise in their personal lives.

To achieve the above we link inspiration to careers. The following principles are at the heart of all we do:

  • Careers education providing aspiration as well as advice
  • Mentoring and motivation provided from industry
  • Working in partnership with national employers, local employers, schools, colleges, Universities and apprenticeship advisors
  • Utilising the National Careers Service
  • Careers advice and employability skills delivered across KS3 and KS4 in all curriculum areas.
  • Providing independent careers advice from a dedicated careers advisor
  • Use the Gatsby Benchmarks to continue to develop school provision
  • Targeted support for vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils


100% of our pupils stay in education

IIAG Objectives 

 The objectives of IIAG are to develop:

  • Self-Awareness - individuals are encouraged to understand and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, abilities, skills, interests and values.
  • Opportunity Awareness - encouraging an interest and awareness of a wide range of opportunities available in education, training and employment in the context of local and national trends;  to develop the skills of information-seeking, processing and application.
  • Decision Making - the development of skills needed to make informed decisions; to set and review targets.
  • Transition Learning - the development of skills needed in planning for and making transitions in relation to education and career choice.


IIAG Policy



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