Keeping Safe


If you are struggling at school, you feel down, anxious, stressed or bothered about a particular issue, there are several options available to you at St Thomas More.

Speak with your form tutor. Remain behind and ask your form tutor to meet with you at break or lunch. Be ready to share the problem. Your form tutor is there to look after you and be able to respond to your needs.

Speak to a member of staff with whom you have a good relationship. Perhaps there is another member of staff that you feel you are able to talk to. Ask them for a little time to be able to share your worries.

If it is about a particular subject – share your troubles, concerns with your class teacher. Your teacher is there to understand and listen to the issue and respond accordingly. Always trust them and allow them to understand the way you are feeling.

Your Progress Leader is there to help and to listen. Always feel that you can ask to meet with your progress leader to discuss anything you feel anxious or upset about.

The St Thomas More Anti-Bullying Pledge can be found here.

Emmaus (Inclusion) is the room opposite the science block. Pupils can use Emmaus as an area of space if they need to work outside of the classroom. Reasons for using inclusion can be, struggling with academic studies, or because of a personal issue. Mrs Arterton is the key member of staff for Emmaus. Do drop in to see her.

Our school nurse is in the office opposite the drama studio for ‘drop in’ sessions every Tuesday lunch time. Any Tuesday lunch, you can drop by and have a chat in confidence about any health problem that is worrying you or anything that is making you feel stressed or poorly.

Our school safety team are responsible for keeping you all safe. Mr. McKeown is our safeguarding lead, with Mrs. Hogg, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Packham and Mrs. Arterton as safeguarding officers.

Remember – God will always listen to you through prayer – but he sends us to be his hands on earth – we are here to help, listen, respond and care.


 The radio show produced by STM pupils explaining CSE can be listened to below