St Thomas More Radio

Here at St Thomas More Catholic High School we are very fortunate to have the amazing opportunity to let our pupils have the chance to become Radio Presenters.

Every Tuesday and Thursday lunch time pupils from all year groups have the exciting chance to present shows on a lunch time from 12.45-1.15 in our school radio station, located next to the Library.  The groups consist of two presenters and a producer (who is in charge of the radio equipment).

For each of the shows, pupils promote STM events, read out staff notices, play music requests, talk about world topics, national awareness days and bring lots of enthusiasm to the radio studio.  The radio shows are played out from the school website, hall speakers and from the school PIPS.

Please make sure you tune in every Tuesday and Thursday from 12.45-1.15pm to hear our fabulous radio presenters.

If any pupils are interested in taking part in the STM Radio please see Miss Aspinall at reception.