St Thomas More Catholic High School

The South Cheshire Catholic MAT



The South Cheshire Catholic Multi-Academy is a charitable company limited by guarantee, owned by the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

The Trustees

Operate at a strategic level with ultimate control over the direction of the Academy Trust. Their functions include: 

  • Overseeing the achievement of the objectives of the company
  • Appointing some of the Governors
  • Signing off the Company's financial accounts and annual report
  • Power to amend Articles of the Company and, ultimately, to remove the Governors/Directors

Overall, trustees usually have much more limited practical involvement in the management of the company than the Governors.

Statutory Trustee information


The Members

Are appointed by the Diocese and determine ethos and purpose.

Statutory Member information


Contact details for the Diocese of Shrewsbury

Diocese of Shrewsbury
Department for Education
Curial Office
2 Park Road South
CH43 4UX

Telephone: 0151 652 9855