School Productions

At St Thomas More, we have developed a full and challenging season of performances. Our aim is to create a multitude of events where all students across all years can get involved in performance at a very high level. All of the projects are inclusive: there are auditions and anyone who wishes to get involved can, by showing commitment and being at rehearsals when called. Rehearsals schedules are shared with pupils by posting them on the drama studio door.

The driving ethos of the company is to create ensemble projects where all the pupils are on stage for the full production. Always commenting, always supporting and adding to the narrative and ideas within the play. Our style is to create fast physical pace bringing a sense of joy to the audience. Pupils will often be led by a creative challenge that they will then work on independently, to find interesting ways to present back. As a company, we then start to choreograph and direct the piece of theatre, with these ideas implemented so that everyone in the company has an invested, creative interest in the final product.

Our 4 main projects for the productions are as follows: 

  • Shakespeare Schools Festival - November
  • Main school production - December
  • National Connections - March
  • Crewe Out Loud - June

Performance is a real strength at the school on some very different levels.  It is inclusive, allows students to explore social, cultural and political viewpoints, and allows pupils an opportunity to shine. Please have a look at our different seasons to see the work we have created.