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Core Subjects

Religious Education English LanguageEnglish Literature   Mathematics Combined Science Separate ScienceModern Languages 


 Curriculum Subjects

Art  BusinessCreative iMedia 

  Computer Science Design Technology Drama 

  Food & Nutrition Geography Health & Social Care  History  Music Physical Education 


Additional Guidance Notes




Year 11 Resources for Success 

What Why
Revision Sessions led by Members of Staff Explore different methods of revision and techniques to support pupils individual time plans.  These sessions will be in BtK time, every other Thursday.  More information will follow on sessions available.
Pupil Leadership Sessions Creating opportunities for pupil leadership.  Learning by teaching for those delivering sessions.  Focus on what peers want to work on.  We need volunteers for these sessions: everyone has a gift.
Booklet Containing the information / events / tips for pupils to plan their preparation for the summer exams.  Plan your time using the booklet.
Year 11 Parents Information Evening Year 11 Parents Information Evening Presentation
Year 11 Study Hub Year 11 Hub provides a productive work environment for pupils to complete work.  This will run twice a week.  Pupils bring their own revision to these sessions.
Curriculum Revision Sessions Curriculum revision sessions will be posted each month, starting in February stating what the focus will be for each session to aid pupils planning of attendance
Easter School School will be open for Year 11 pupils to complete revision within the classroom.  This will be a controlled environment.  Information on dates and times will be issued in due course.


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